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Monticello... Your Vacation Host
The home of Indiana Beach Resort And Amusement Park

    On the south end of Lake Shafer, just below the Norway dam on the Tippecanoe River, sits Monticello in White County, Indiana. The county took its name from Colonel Isaac White, one of the fallen heroes in the historic Battle of Tippecanoe fought south of town November 7, 1811.This event contributed to beginning the War of 1812. The conflict occurred between frontier troops and Indians near the Shawnee village of Prophet's Town founded by the Shawnee chief Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa,

    Monticello, IN (population 5,723) was named after the grand home of Thomas Jefferson. Founded in 1834, it wasn't a city until1909, the year of the first Lincoln head penny honoring the President's 100th birthday. That year the mayor of Tokyo gave 2000 Cherry trees to our nation's capitol. President Taft had them planted along the Potomac River. They're a beautiful symbol of  Washington D.C. to this very day. is your guide to the Twin Lakes area, motels, lodges, restaurants, marinas all ready to make your stay a pleasurable experience. These businesses use various ways to insure this information gets to you. As you plan a visit you'll want to find information on where to go, what to do, where to eat and at the end of the day, where to lay your head for the night so you're rested and ready for the next day.

    Yeah, it's the world wide web but advertising is all local, designed to direct you to the goods and services you want and need while you visit. This vacation guide help prepare your visit to the Indiana Beach - Lake Shafer area. Experience the fun for the day, weekend or an extended vacation. See a movie, take a boat ride, cruise the lakes on stern-wheelers, fish, swim... well, I Think you get it.

    The good news! Spring is coming and Monticello readies itself for the optimism and promise of the new year and welcoming familiar and new visitors to the Monticello are. There are many challenges facing us but America great has a tireless ability to create good times for ourselves. Businesses, residents, all look forward to a great summer of fun in Monticello.

    After more than eighty years of ownership by the founding Spackman family, it was sold in 2008 to Morgan RV Resorts, the largest operator of privately owned RV parks in the country. The addition and positive response to the new Steel Hawg roller coaster coupled with events like Friday and Saturday night fireworks, special discount admissions have helped to an increase of visitors.

    The Indiana Beach Amusement Park contributes an estimated $80M to the economy of Monticello and White County. This is due largely to their focus on providing the best entertainment value possible. Do you want to take a day or a weekend without getting too far from home and without busting' the wallet? The Lake Shafer - Lake Freeman area is what you're looking for. It's close, easy to find in Rt 24, family friendly and affordable. You can be certain of that. Its a short drive from Indianapolis, the greater Chicago area, central Illinois and southern Michigan. Come on over and see what Lake Shafer, Lake Freeman and Monticello offer... and make the round trip for less than a tank of gas!

Monticello - The town between the lakes celebrated 100 years since becoming an official city. Residents are making plans for special activities for the busy summer schedule. Look for a great fireworks show this 4th of July. Please visit the downtown parks, shops, restaurants and say. "Hello!"   Go to Monticello
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