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Welcome To Lake Shafer Resorts
Vacation Guide To Indiana Beach And Monticello, IN

    You've arrived at Shafer Resorts Area Guide so you're probably interested in learning more about the twin Lakes and Monticello area as you plan your visit. The best family vacation resort and amusement park in the midwest can be found hidden in plain sight in the cornfields near Monticello, Indiana. The greater area has become known as Indiana Beach, due in large to the wholesome reputation for great family summer fun and all the doings and excitement centered at Indiana Beach Amusement Park. It is my desire to promote the Monticello area and be a small part of the magic you'll find there.

    Twin lakes of Shafer and Freeman offer unique places and experiences to enjoy. Shafer, on the north of Monticello boasts of inlets and bays with private retreats and resorts. Rent a boat, water ski, cruise the lake, fish, swim, hike, golf... well, I think you get the picture. Its up to you. Come on, visit this year.

    Indiana Beach Amusement Park is the center of summer fun and provides a wonderful blend of nostalgia and all that's new about today. There's so much to do and places to go near the "Beach". Get a roon, rent a cabin and stay a while. You'll be glad you did.

    If your desire is a bit on the quieter side, Lake Freeman offers great places to lodge, dine, boat, fish and just plain kick back and enjoy the beautiful senic views. Located just south of Monticello, you'll find activity here to be somewhat quieter and offering a restful atmosphere. There's a stern wheeler cruise boat to provide an experience you cherish for years to come. The sounds of coasters and laughter are replaced by the softer hum of fishing boats and water spilling over the Norway dam. Drive down and enjoy the scenery, have a enjoyable meal and discover why two lakes are better than one...

    The twin lakes together yield more than 150 miles of beautiful lakeshore... offer a variety of activities for the kids, teens and adults that fulfill any vacation getaway dream. Relax with a book on the porch or rejuvenate the soul and awaken the senses with recreational such as biking, hiking, horseback riding, bowling, Go Karts and more. Take a day off, drive over and find out for yourself. You'll have enough fun in the sun to bring you back again. And you can do it afforably and with less than a tank of gas!

    There are, of course, visitors all year round but most people do come during spring and summertime. Some look for quiet romantic getaways. Others choose holiday escapes, family vacations, business, extended stays, short breaks from work and more. With many fine lodges operating nearly year round, it has also become a memorable wedding and honeymoon destination.

    "Around these parts, summer is Indiana Beach.", said one satisfied visitor. It's that and more. It's also cruisin' the strip in classic cars, baseball, coasters, cookouts, boating, fishing, swimming, picnics, water skiing, coasters, water slides, lake cruises, hot dogs, shakes and, yes, cotton candy too. Well, I guess you get the idea. Did I mention coasters?

    This vacation and resort guide will help you prepare your visit to the Indiana Beach - Lake Shafer area. Experience the fun for just a day, weekend or an extended vacation. There are plenty of choices ranging from a room off the boardwalk, cabins at the park as well resorts and lodges large and small.

Learn all about what to do, where to stay and eat, where to see movies, boat, fish, swim... everything you're looking for. There's so much to do. Discover the thrills and excitement found 'on the beach'. Looking for one of the best places in the Midwest for summer fun? Try Indiana Beach on Lake Shafer.

    Remember, the beach fun and both lakes are located in monticello, Indiana. The town that hosts it all was formed more than a hundred years ago and have dedicated its efforts in creating the best summer resort in the state. Monticello, the town between the lakes plans each year to keep this the best it can be. Look for a great fireworks show this 4th of July and remember to visit the downtown parks, shops, restaurants and other businesses. They're ready to serve you so stop by and say, "Hello!

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