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Lake Freeman Below The Dam
The home of Indiana Beach Resort And Amusement Park

    Lake Freeman, the second of the Twin Lakes, is located on the southern edge of Monticello covering more than 1,500 acres with depths that vary from less than 10 feet to 45 feet. Formed upon the completion of the Oakdale Dam in 1925, this man-made lake is an important part of the area's summer recreation. Lake Freeman is less commercialized and provides a more subdued atmosphere an alternate experience to that of the faster and busy pace of Lake Shafer and Indiana Beach Park.

    Compared to the more commercial lake, Lake Shafer, Lake Freeman remains more privatized and residential. Enjoy fishing, boating, tubing and other water sports on Lake Freeman, Monticello! The Madam Carroll on Lake Freeman Lake Freeman provides relaxation and fun for the entire family. Enjoy fishing from your boat or many great spots on the lake or river below the dam. There is a large variety of fish to catch, from bass fishing, catfish fishing, bluegill fishing, and many others.

    Many of the local marinas offer watercraft rentals for family enjoyment on the lakes. Natural beauty to explore on foot, bike, horseback, by boat or on our famous Madam Carroll. Of course, our man-made wonders never cease to amaze. Waterparks, amusement parks, live entertainment, go-carts, mini-golf and more! Lake Freeman in Monticello, Indiana has hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inn's settled in town or along the lake! Monticello, Indiana offers many recreational activities to satisfy every desire. Enjoy beautiful scenery on the Lakes of Monticello or take part in many of the local festivals.

    Lake Freeman is about 10 miles long, with a maximum water depth of 18 feet. Fish include silvers, bass, crappie, and catfish. The lake is very scenic, with thousands of acres of undeveloped shoreline to give the effect of a wilderness area. It has 99 miles of shoreline.

    One of the best Fourth of July events takes place on Lake Freeman. A Patriotic Boat Parade is a favorite for the Freedom Day celebration. Its hosted by The Lake Freeman Homeowners and the Madam Carroll Boat Owners. They welcome and encourage you to join them on the next celebration on beautiful Lake Freeman. Get in the spirit and use plenty of red, whiye and blue. It's a great way to support our troops and remember our Veterans.

    On Lake Freeman is the Madam Carroll, the largest licensed Coast Guard approved inland watercraft in the State. This pleasure excursion vessel is 36 feet wide and 135 feet in length.

    The Madam Carroll enhances your cruise experience with live entertainment for dancing and your listening pleasure.


Lake Freeman Boat Launching

    You will enjoy boating on Lake Freeman. Some of the best senic shoreline in Indiana can be seen on these waters. You can launch your boat or other watercraft at Bluewater Park located on Bluewater Drive in Monticello.

Other Lake Freeman Boat Launch Locations:
Pearson’s Marina - South on Indiana 39, 11923W-800 N, Monticello
Lake Freeman - Located just south of Monticello, you'll find activity here to be somewhat quieter and offering a restful atmosphere. Sounds of coasters and laughter are replaced by the softer hum of fishing boats and water spilling over the Oakdale dam. Drive down and enjoy the scenery.  
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