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Coasters, Coasters And Coasters
More Thrills Per Square Foot Tan...Well, Anywhere

Where else can you find six thrilling coasters neatly packed into a classic boardwalk style amusement park? Nowhere but my very favorite summer getaway, Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana.

Action greets you at every turn as well as spectacular views of the park, the beautiful waters of Lake Shafer and of course the excited faces of the other riders. There are out and back wooden coasters and over-under steel ones too! If you're looking for some air time in the summer sun, look to Indiana Beach for sure!

Summer just wouldn't be complete without a day trip, weekend or a stay at the best little place in the Midwest. I guess little might imply something less than what you'll find. This place continues to find unique ways to pack more and more in a finite space. They give the coaster designers quite a task but they always get the job done... well done.Six great roller coasters all nestled in one of the classic family entertainment sites around. Start making your plans to vist today.

But that has never stopped the addition of new and creative inovation.There's a roller coaster built on the roof of a building and others that weave in an out of another coasters in and out of other rides.The Cornball Express was voted #1 in 2005 by and it registers #3 today competing against seven years of newer rides. And if that's not enough, Indiana Beach is rated #1 of the top 15 amusement parks in the country. It ain't bragging if it's true.

Cornball Express Voted #1 by in 2005, and is now #3 against 7 years of newer rides. Indiana Beach Park is rated #1 on their Top 15 Amusement Parks list!

  Steel Hawg - The tradition of offering more for less continues with the addition of the STEEL HAWG, the first major steel coaster built in Indiana. Located on the park's northside, this compact monster boasts a 120° first drop from 100 feet with multiple inversions and 90º banks. The Hawg is a 'must ride' for the whole family!

Cornball Express - Built in 2001, the Cornball Express was voted #1 Wooden Coaster in the world by Travel 2,100 feet, winding through the Hurricane's structure and wrap around the Tig'rr. Reach 45 mph from a near vertical first drop and head for the g-force thrills of the helix and double-drop finale.

Hoosier Hurricane - This out-and-back hybrid spans the park at 2,900 feet and sails above the waters of Lake Shafer. The first wooden coaster built in Indiana in over 50 years, the Hurricane boasts a 94 foot drop, reaching 51 mph. Ride beneath the suspension bridge, hold on in twists, turns and camelbacks for a lot of air time.

Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain - A 35 foot elevator begins this themed ride. A wild, bone-shaking decent in the cave-like interior offers the family thrills and surprises. Unique seating means some ride backwards for two ways to enjoy the fun. The 40° steep drops and tight turns with 6 foot radii mean excitment and fun.

Galaxi - Built by the Italian SDC Corp. and opened in 1971, the Galaxi remains a favorite after all these years. This sit-down steel ride reaches up to 45 feet and travels 1,650 feet passing over Lake Shafer and along the Boardwalk. Twists and turns finish with an exciting double helix. Don't miss the ride that started it all!
Tig'rr Coaster -This steel sit-down coaster is a "Jet Star" built back in 1984. It was built on the roof of a restaurant and is 45' tall. It runs about 1,800 feet, hitting 31 mph. Tight banked turns, thrilling g-force drops and more are found packed into this fun filled coaster. Make sure the whole family enjoys this favorite together.

News - After 42 years of thrilling guests from across the country, the Galaxi, our park’s first major steel coaster, is being retired. Fans and thrill-seekers can rest assured that plans are underway for a new thrill coming in 2015.” Mr. Gallagher further hinted, “There’s still more in store for 2014, be sure to watch for funtastic additional news.”

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