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Indiana Beach Amusement Park
The Best And Biggest Little Vacation Resort You'll Find

    Amidst the cornfields, rolling hills and grassy plains of Indiana, you'll find an place unlike many others, where fun and excitement reign supreme. A place where families can away from the hectic schedules of their workaday lives, relive a bit of the past and "coast" rapidly into today. Oh, and for very reasonable prices. This little jam packed amusement park is proof that big things often come in small packages.

Indiana Beach "Riviera of the Midwest"

    Once known as "Ideal Beach", this is the ideal place to spend a day, overnight and do more the next, or stay a week and have a bit of rest and relaxation between the thrills! Located in northwest Indiana, it's conveniently situated just 110 miles southeast of Chicago and.95 miles north of Indianapolis.

    Recently acquired by Morgan RV Resorts, the very popular Indiana Beach got it's humble start back in 1926. Originally named Ideal Beach, it opened with only a sand beach swimming area, bath house, and a small refreshment stand on the newly formed, Lake Shafer. The lake waters began when a dam was built on the Tippecanoe River.

    Earl Spackman hoped to buy land for a small vacation cottage. He visited the area only to find that the shoreline too steep to allow for swimming. The project attracted a lot visitors to view the construction. When news came the lake level would be lowered to provide flow for Lake Freeman, an idea to create a place for travelers to picnic and swim occupied Earl's mind. That's it! A beach in Indiana.

    A bathhouse was built for changing clothes, then a concession stand. It's wasn't until 1950 until the name was changed to Indiana Beach. Located on a peninsula surrounded by the waters of beautiful Lake Shafer, the park contains a traditional boardwalk. This is the last of it's kind that is not found on either the East or West coast. The coming 2009 recreation season marks the start of it's 83rd year of family friendly fun in the sun.

    We tend to call the entire recreation area ' Indiana Beach' but its really specifically the amusement park and logging at the end of the peninsula. It is surrounded by a number of private resorts and lodges offering cabins, rooms, swimming and boating.

    There's something here for kids of all ages, from the small and tame to the large, wild and crazy roller coasters, Skycoaster and Double Shot. Whether you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground or choose to fly high in the skies over Lake Shafer, you'll have a time you'll not soon forget.

    The more than 45 different rides and attractions promise to keep you occupied from the moment you arrive until the day draws to a close. There are also plenty of amusements, games and an arcade. When you have time to notice you're a bit hungry, there's a lot to choose from. You'll be able to grab something fast and tasty or settle in at a lounge or a fine restaurant.

    Family friendly low admission prices combined with the variety of attractions make this a popular Midwest attraction. In today's uncertain economy, you can always plan on a great time visiting the Monticello - Lake Shafer area.

    There's a roller coaster built on the roof of a building and others that weave in an out of another coasters in and out of other rides.The Cornball Express was last year voted #1 by a prominent web site that evaluates rides across the country. The park is home to one of the state’s largest coasters, the Hoosier Hurricane, and dozens of other amusement rides. Some of its other coasters include two older steel coasters, the Galaxi and the Tig'rr, and two other wooden ones, the Cornball Express, and the Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain.

Proof positive there's more than corn in Indiana!

Shafer Queen Boardwalk Lots to see and do along the traditional style boardwalk. Find shopping, games and gifts, fast food and restaurants, rides for  all ages, souvenirs, a Skyride for a fantastic view of the park and on o=and on. There's a Kiddyland, Miniature Golf, sandy beach and an incredible Ferris Wheel.
Shafer Queen Shafer Queen - Indiana's largest regularly scheduled paddle wheel sightseeing vessel. The boat is 26 feet (7.9 m) wide, 82 feet (25 m) long, weighs 76 tons, and has a capacity of 250 passengers. Between 50,000 to 60,000 passengers per year cruise. Tour Indiana Beach from a water view on either a 30 or 75 minute tour.
Water Ski Show Shopping - attractions along the boardwalk offer an adventure in themselves! Visit the Emporium, Boardwalk Gift, the Summer Shop, and My Little Corner for gifts and reminders of your fabulous Indiana Beach Vacation! Visitors can also enjoy food and shopping along the boardwalk, or a variety of special attractions.
Camping Camp resorts - Next to the amusement park is the Indiana Beach campground with over 1,400 camping sites. NASCAR RV Resorts invites you to enjoy the sights, sounds and thrills of NASCAR at our beautiful Indiana Beach campground. The grounds have fully equipped campsites that can serve even the largest of RVs. 
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